:::Prints..#1.#2.#3... 16'x 20'** $950::: Prints 20'x 24'**$1150:::

Each print has ~(Sly's Signature)~ and our"Embossed Funk Stamped Logo" Witness the unveiling of museum quality "giclee" prints, posters and collectibles from the personal archives of the Stone Family. These rare, unpublished images are museum quality, pigmented inkjet prints on fine art watercolor paper. Each collectible displays the true Stone Collectible Logo (a numbered Funk Stamp) on the reverse side, accompanied by an embossed, matching numbered Certificate Of Authenticity issued from Vallejo, California Headquarters and birthplace of the family's music legacy. Satisfaction guaranteed. :::Prints..#1.#2.#3... 16'x 20' $950::: Prints 20'x 24' $1150::: includes insured shipping & handling. Delivery Time is 4 weeks. Each print is hand made upon acceptance of order to ensure the highest quality imaging :: furnished By Lotus Color ::: Inquiries Contact reese@slyslilsis.com

Vet on Sly's 4-wheel bike!
#1.1973 Sly in Concert
#2.1969 Sly in London, England
#3.1973 Sly & Little Sister TV Special Good Vibrat
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