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Happy Birthday **Little Sister!** (05/02/12)

Shy Sly Stone picks S.J. for show Reclusive singer books one U.S. concert so far: Arena Green in July. By Shay Quillen Mercury News Article Launched: 04/06/2007 Ready for some "Hot Fun in the Summertime". After two decades out of the spotlight, reclusive Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Sly Stone has decided to return to the concert stage. SLY'S FAMILY STONE BAND will headline the "Back in the Day" event July 7 in the Arena Green park near HP Pavilion...
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Review What's the Press saying ?

Los Angeles City Beat 04-19-07

These days Sly Stone blows people's minds just by showing up. He stopped traffic at the Grammy's last year when he materialized, like some intergalactic apparition, during a tribute performance. Last month, he defied steep odds and appeared at a gig at the Flamingo in Las Vegas...

News - Music, movie, Entertainment But Wallace doggedly pursued the artist, primarily through Stone's sister and backup vocalist off (SAFS) **Vet** , to perform !!!

John Katsilometes on how George Wallace aligned the stars to coerce one big star to perform at Flamingo Las Vegas

On April Fools' Day, George Wallace had the best "gotcha" of all. "April Fools! Sly Stone showed up!" Wallace said with a loud laugh on Sunday, which was not just April Fools' Day but a day after Wallace beat the odds by booking the latest version of Sly and The Family Stone for a performance at the Flamingo Las Vegas Showroom. The one-out performance followed Wallace's usual 10 p.m. (or in this case, 10:30 p.m.) stand-up act at before a packed house of about 500. Amid widespread skepticism that the performance would not transpire, Stone did show up as promised, sauntering onstage after his band played a four-song medley and moving like a bedazzled praying mantis. Stone, still mischievous at age 64, dressed for the occasion, donning a black sequined suit with black platform shoes and red heels, a red sequined shirt, a black belt with a giant rectangular plate reading "Sly," a black stocking cap, a neck brace and big, white Dolce & Gabbana shades...

January 13, 2007 at the House of Blues in Anaheim, CA, right next to Disneyland, The Magic Kingdom. And what a Magical night it was. Anthony, Duane, Kelvin, Fred (and their families and friends), and I met up around 8pm. We stood in line freezing (yes, it does get cold in Southern California) waiting for the doors to open. Once inside, I found Kelvin posted in front of the stage so I planted myself right next to him. The crowd was getting larger, the wait getting longer. It was already 10pm. Chants of "start the show" grew louder and louder as the crowd became restless.

At 10:35pm, the lights went down, and the immediate aroma of marijuana (medicinal, no doubt) permeated the room. As the curtains opened, to my surprise, there stood brothers Leslie and Melvin Wilson (best known as New Birth), as the emcees for the evening. I hoped they were going to sing but instead they introduced the band and quickly exited.

The Family Stone took the stage and immediately got the crowd funked up with "Dance to the Music", "Sing a Simple Song", and "Stand". They continued with "Family Affair" where Lisa Stone excelled on vocals, "Everybody is a Star", "Hot Fun in the Summertime", and one of my all-time favorites, "If You Want Me to Stay". Skyler Jett's vocals were just as flawless as they were in 2005. They proved that they are just as "Fresh", full of "Life" and "Fun" as the original Family Stone band.

Following was one of the best songs of the night, Little Sister's "Somebody's Watching You". Vet did the song true justice at the 2005 show but she surpassed herself this time. The band broke the song down to a slow, funky, sensual beat and Vet took that song ALL the way home. Next up was another Little Sister jam, "You're the One".

As the band joined in and vocals followed, (Kelvin called it right earlier), out came Sly. Mr. Sylvester Stewart. Five feet in front of me but still untouchable. He looked at the crowd, smiled a bit sheepishly, and walked over and kissed Vet. Donned in black tennis shoes, black pants and tails, (both slightly bejeweled), a red scarf around his neck, blonde mohawk perfectly coiffed, Sly stood center stage, mic in hand, and felt the admiration from the crowd. He thanked the audience falettinhimbehiselfagin. I, along with everybody else, was mesmerized.

Sly then walked back across the stage and brought out a young woman we learned was his daughter, Novena. Novi played a short classical piece on the keyboard and showed us she is her father's daughter. Sly walked her off stage and emerged with yet another daughter, Phunn. As he introduced her, he remarked that he "makes babies", laughed, and quickly headed for the keyboards. Phunn proved that she's a musical combination of her trumpet playing mother, Cynthia Robinson, and father. She performed a brief rap and let us know that "Sly Lives!". Next out was Vet's daughter, Toddy, who wowed us with her Stewart lineage voice. It was truely a Family Affair. The band continued playing and Sly gave us a taste on keyboards. He then sang a few bars of "thank you" and then it was off the stage. The masses chanted and yelled "WE WANT SLY, WE WANT SLY" and it wasn't until they said that Sly would be back that the crowd calmed down...somewhat.

Sly appeared on stage again during "I Want to Take You Higher". Again, the crowd went insane. Sly danced and pranced but most importantly, he looked happy. He was back in his element and enjoyed every second of it. He smiled, he laughed. He was full of spirit and exuded joy with each step he took. After Sly's brief appearance at the 2006 Grammys, reports flourished that he was frail and in poor health. I wonder if these same naysayers will have as much enthusiasm and exuberance when they reach Sly's age of 62. I doubt it.

Sly flashed peace signs and that big ol' smile, and then he was gone. I turned to look at the cheering, racially mixed crowd of about 600, and they were in awe.

While the audience was still reeling over the historical moments they had just witnessed, Vet slowed things down and told us that the next song was in tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, a song that Sly wrote - "Don't Call Me Nigger, Whitey". "Thank You for Talking to Me Africa" (which was incredibly filled with nasty funk), and "Babies Makin Babies" followed. These three songs were absent from their 2005 Hollywood show but I hope they keep them in future shows. They also offered a tribute to the late Godfather of Soul by playing James Brown's version of "Sex Machine". And then there were two.

There are truly no words that can express the wonderment and adoration that I felt when I saw Sly. Say what you may, but tears welled in my eyes when he came on stage. After the passing of James Brown, there was much talk about who the originator of funk was. Sly may or may not be the originator but he's certainly a true master, a Lord of Funk, if you will. If The Family Stone ever comes your way, you need to be there. No promises that Sly will make an appearance, but you'd be remiss if you don't go. They give above and beyond 100% of raw, nasty funk that will leave you "hiiiiiiigher". And for those of you who didn't go to the show Saturday night because it was "too far" or "too cold", or because you said, "Sly won't be there so why should I go?", all I can say to you is "Que Sera, Sera".


Well, we gave you advance notice that Sly was back prior to the 2006 Grammies. Some folks couldn't believe it when he & Vet roared into the Hollywood Knitting Factory on his custom Harley trike in 20005. Nor his appearance at the Grammies. There is more in store for 2007. How bout Sly the producer making guest appearances on stage with his Family Stone Band for selected dates. Keep your senses keen as new developments are surging to the forefront of media consciousness.

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We stayin' down n funky widit. What about you?

The Family Stone Band is phenomenal. What you see is what you get  high-energy entertainment, funky fun and amazing musicians. Vet, Skyler, Cynthia and The Family Stone Band are the simply, the best. We love these Everyday People!
Steven and Wendy Foster
Managing Partners
Circle R Ranch
The Family Stone stated that the Circle R Ranch is one of the absolute best venues to perform. They're a very classy joint!

Bob Davis of Soul Patrol, along with T Watts an Skip Kelley get into the nitty gritty of the past, present and future of the band, it's music and it's impact on society and culture. Incuding an update on the activities of Sly Stone, his health, his Grammy appearence, his work in producing their new album PHATTADATTA and more: (Requires the Real Player for audio)



It's official, decreed from Sly himself;

Henceforth, Phunk Phamily Affair shall be FAMILY STONE . Later for the rigamarole. Let the truth be told. There is none better suited to inherit the mantle of the message than these. Standing firm on the promise to funk, despite the doubting of Thomas or whomever would cast the first UNSTONE. With name change of the band, back into it's rightful self, the game has changed.

Thank you for letting us be ourselves again.

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Sly Lives and keeping it Down-N-Phunky
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